Be Fashionable with Your Glasses

When I was still in elementary school, the TV show that colored my life the most was Superman the Series. And just like any kids in that age, I’d like to impersonate my idol (Clark Kent). It is funny to think of me being envious of my friends who use glasses that time. And regrettably, my wishes came true, now I’m using glasses.

But you know, even though I still regret the fact that my eyes can’t be perfect anymore, I still can make it as a means of fashion and styling my look. I’ve embedded some of my favorite high fashion eyeglasses pictures above, each of them have their own time and place for me to use it.

You might start to think, “How much of do you spend for those cool glasses?”. Well, if you asked me those question 3 years ago, my answer might be “around $150”. But ever since I’ve read about this entry, titled “How You Can Start Spending Smart“, I’ve found a store to buy glasses cheaper online, It would only cost you around $69 dollars for those three frames, and I’m really happy for it.

In the store I mentioned, you can find cool frames like the one in my picture, and many other cooler and prettier frames that you might be interested, and of course, in a cheaper price than even several offline stores I know. They even sell $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses if you’re looking for a budgety one. So, if you still using those out of date frames just because you think it would be so expensive to have a better looking ones, then you should give it a second thought and start choosing what you like there.


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  1. Ipuuuuung…… pa kabaaaar….?
    (sorry komennya cm gitu ajah…)

    Jawab Gnupi
    alhamdulillah baik mbak Tyas 😀

    hehehe.. kalah aktif di sama blognya mbak Tyas.. semoga saya bisa segera aktif lagi dalam minggu ini 😀


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