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It’s not a secret anymore, when SEO came up as one of the most effective strategy for online promotion, there are times when it become more difficult to find what we’re looking for on the web. Especially when you’re looking for information that was a hot keyword on the web, you’ll often find sales letter pages rather than a web pages with the information you need.

Most SEO practitioner / web master / blogger ussually concentrate their effort on Google SERP, and that’s why I like to use another search engine to find what I need on the internet. Just like Search Engine that offers a different aproach on delivering the most related web pages for the keywords I searched. seems to act like both, a search engine and a directory of sites. Just like when you tried to search articles about Search Engine Optimization, you just need to type

and they will lists many SEO article pages. This is very practical for me since I can visit more pages that discuss SEO from that is different from what I used to find with my ussual search engine. I guess they really mean their domain names, that we only need to find what we looking for from their directories of sites.

I really hope that my SEO blog can work well with this interesting search engine too. Because it seems that I rarely find my pages that used to be indexed at Google’s five first SERP’s for some keywords. I guess I will need to conduct a SEO research on algorithms and hopefully can be ranked well there too 😉


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  1. Hmm new search engine hah… ?
    Hope it will better than Google :p

    Gnupi Answers
    If Google is already become the best search engine, of course we need a different searching algorithm to enrich our information on the same topis Mr.Nias Zalukhu 😀

    I guess that’s the reason why offers an alternative way on finding information 😀


  2. wow ada yang baru nih ya,..,. hmm eh eniwei gugel kapan yah update pr lagi? nelangsa neh sayah pr0 mulu,, 😛

    Jawaban Gnupi
    Blog saya juga PR-nya masih 0 😀


  3. hiks sedih saya ipung ndak isa komen di blog sayah,, iya pung, komennya di message board aja or di shoutbox.. moga2 bsia cepetan komen di postingan blog sayah ya.. (*)

    eniwei, lagi sedih, blog gadget ku kena razia mbah gugel… 🙁

  4. pung, dah nonton kambing jantan lom? kalo belum baca aja review nya di blogku.. ngebosenin banget film nya, too much drama! :-S

  5. Search engine baru yach, mudah-mudahan bisa menjadi alternatif baru selain Om Google dan Om Yahoo yang udah gede. Trims banget yach infonya.
    Salam sukses.

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