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Every morning when I read my newspaper, I often read about car theft or motorcycle theft. The numbers is increasing day by day, especially because of many teenager nowadays already bring their own car and sometimes, they were a little irresponsible with their car security and made a car thief job easier.

Car theft can happen anywhere, especially when the parking management didn’t do their job. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. We can try to secure our vehicles with applying GPS tracking in our car. Using GPS technology, we can track our car position through the internet connection.

In Jakarta, it is said that there are at least 5 vehicles theft happened every day last year. And only 10 percent of 2176 of vehicle thefts case that can be solved by the police. So, I feel that it will be better if we apply GPS tracking technology into our vehicles and just in case the worst happened to our vehicle, we can make the police do their job easier using the GPS information we have on our vehicle.

Many GPS tracking device came in a small form, and you can put it in your car secretly. And once set, you can even track your car with GPS through an internet enabled mobile phone. Very practical isn’t it? 😉

This security measure do not apply only to personal vehicle. I believe that many expedition fleet will need this GPS tracking to secure their fleet because they were targets for hijackings too. That reminds me when the famed soccer player, Ronaldo have his BMW SUV hijacked in Februari, 4th 2001. He just let the robber went with his car and then he stopped a car and ask the driver to take him to the nearest police station. Using GPS AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) feature installed in his car, the police can found the robber in several hours.

You don’t need to wait for your own expensive BMW SUV if you just wanted to have GPS tracking monitored car, since you just need to buy a GPS tracker devices sold with an affordable price from So secure your car now with GPS tracking 😉


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