Data Recovery for Your Harddisk

Yesterday, I spent my time visiting Apkom New Year Sale computer exhibition for some refreshing. As usual, many computer store take part on the exhibition and some gives an interesting discount for their products. Well. I’m not a PC maniac that always renewing my PC to the latest technology, so what made me interested in this exhibition the most was the price of hard drives that become significantly cheaper.

Just like a 320 GB WDC Hard drives that only costs you $48 while I buy a 160 GB Seagate Hard drive for the same price a year ago. I know that Seagate hard drive is always more expensive than WDC, but I never imagined that the difference will be that large.

The reason why I’m looking at hard drives prices in the exhibition is because I wanted to make data backups for my PC. Ever since my virus got infected by Sality virus a month ago, I become more careful with the data in my hard drive, especially because I have no experience in data recovery.

However, it relieves me that I found the information about Data Recovery Group that specialize in data recovery from 1986. They can recover your data loss from possible mechanical failure, virus, accidental deletion even from a deleted hard drives partition. Data Recovery Group can also do data recoveries on mac drives, and even server drives (failed server or RAID systems). Even I didn’t want to get any data loss due to hard drive failure or virus attack, I feel like I found a reserved plan just in case the worst happen with my hard drives.

I didn’t forget to pass the information to my best friend in need of mac data recovery for his macbook that stop working due to hard drive failure. He really needs the data inside his hard drive for his thesis anyway.

I also need their server data recovery services on my small office server harddrive since thanks to the recent frequent blackouts that made my server’s hard drive fail. I guess I really need to put more budget on my small office server equipments to anticipate things like this 😀


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