Why I Want a DirectTV

Just like I said earlier about my loss of interest in today television programs, I think it would be a good decision to move on a paid television program like DirectTV or Dish network.

However, after I viewed Direct at TV have on their DirectTV offers, my interest on using another television network other than DirectTV have gone. If you ask me why, of course the first reason is obvious, it’s because DirectTV have more channels than other television network like Dish Network or Cable TV.

Other than that, an audio video technology freak like me who owns a high quality LCD TV would want to enjoy any television programs in a better visual quality. Therefore, DirectTV who guarantee that their channels were 100% digital (while cable network might not) is the best choice to bring out my LCD TV true performance everytime I watch a television program with it, not just when I watch a Blu-Ray movies.

But of course, that’s not all. The most interesting part I saw in their DirectTV deals is that we can choose to install them for up to 4 rooms for free. Of course, not all the rooms in my house have a HD ready LCD TV, I’m not that wealthy anyway, but at least, all my sisters and parents still can watch DirectTV channels from their room. They must’ve been happy with it.


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