New and Refurbished Networking, Telecommunication and Security Stuff

Setting up a new branch office for a small IT-related company can be a pain in the neck. Especially when it comes to the expenses we have to spend on new networking, telecommunication and network security hardware. But there is a way to cut those budgets by buying a refurbished networking or telecommunication hardware for the ones that do not really need to be new. The best resource to find refurbished networking and telecommunication products is Google I think, and that led me to found that offers an interesting price for new and refurbished networking and telecommunication hardware.

Switches for my small office networking needs should have 8 port. We don’t really need the more expensive 10/100/1000 MBps switches, so even todays motherboard already featured a Gigabit LAN from their on board LAN card, I keep on choosing a 10/100 MBps 3COM switches.

For network security purposes, this office network will have to rely its security on the protection of Crossbeam C2 series network security systems. I’ve heard that this series is more reliable than the previous C10/C30 series, especially when the load is not very high šŸ˜€

For servers, in order to minimize the budget, I will use a used Dell servers. The reason is, it’s cheap and branded, because branded servers was usually more stable than a new non-branded one. It’s easy to find a used Dell servers in although they also sell other well known brands like HP, SenecaData, and IBM servers.

We’re done with networking equipments. Now for the telecommunication systems, we can use a refurbished equipments too, since the telecommunication technology needed for this small office wouldn’t be so demanding. I think a used Merlin classic telecommunication systems is sufficient, their unconditional guarantee is pretty interesting for a refurbished.

All right, all is set. Now what’s left to do is arranging the furniture budget. Thanks to Infinit-tech refurbished networking and telecommunication equipment, we can cut the budget for more important and urgent things.


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