A New Way to Manage Our Fleet with GPS Fleet Tracking

Running a laundry services in my town, where the competition is pretty tight, one thing we can do to make our services to be different is offering a delivery services. However, managing our vehicles to maximize its efficiency in taking and delivering our customer’s orders is not an easy thing to do, especially to cut the fuel expenses when your working area is pretty wide and you operate more than one vehicles to do the job.

But if we were able to invest on an internet connection and GPS monitoring service for our company, with the help of fleet GPS tracking technology, we can say “goodbye” to those fleet management problems. With the help of GPS technology, we can track our vehicles position in real time through the web or even internet enabled phones.

GPS Fleet Tracking On Your Computer Screen

By applying this methods, we can optimize our vehicles management both in time and distance to get our laundry orders when they were on the road for other tasks. Just imagine how much time and expense we can save using this technology, and in the other hand, we seize the chance to give a better service to our customers that is very good for our business growth because anytime your customers make their orders you can just check your GPS fleet tracking viewer on your computer and decides which vehicles unit that will be assigned to get the orders. We, as managers or company owner can also monitor our employees on the delivery department whether they slack off their job or not. I really think that this GPS tracking devices is very helpful indeed πŸ˜‰
GPS on Phone

Fleet tracking technology will also be beneficial for those who runs a car rental company. Applying this fleet tracking on their cars will improves both their monitoring ability and security of your assets. They can prevent their car theft better since many of car rental company faces this problem. Also, by monitoring their car with a GPS, they can give a better customer service since it would be easier for their customer who happen to be not familiar with the area to ask directions when they feel kinda lost even when they have maps. It will gives a better experiences both, to the customer and the customer services staff when they directs their customer to its destination.

There are many thing we can do by integrating fleet GPS tracking technology to our business services. We just need to be creative on using this fleet tracking technology to support our business growth. πŸ˜€


3 Replies to “A New Way to Manage Our Fleet with GPS Fleet Tracking”

  1. it’s very helpfull for many people to find out a locations and for any company can helpfull to monitor their employees delivery department,… (Y)

    Gnupi Answers
    Indeed. This GPS tracking tool will make slackers like me crying out loud hehe πŸ™‚

  2. Wah enak juga nih kalo tersesat di hutan.. πŸ™‚ (Y)

    Jawaban Gnupi
    hihihi.. iya.. emang GPS sangat bermanfaat bila digunakan di tempat yang susah memetakannya seperti hutan πŸ™‚


  3. my selular it’s not support πŸ™ would you gave me that πŸ˜›

    Gnupi Answers
    Unfortunately, the one I displayed on the articles were not sold in our country πŸ˜€


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