Gaining Your Lover’s Trust using Technology

Having someone with unquestionable love for you is what every true lovers dreamed. However, doubts and jealousy often follow that kind of love along the journey, especially for women. There will be times when we have to go to some place by ourselves and our lover do not trust us enough even when we have no intentions on doing something that will hurt her feelings.

7 years ago, that kind of problems seems to have no solutions other than relying on each other honesty. But now, with the technology of GPS Tracking and Video Call on 3G enabled phones, you can always verify where you are to your lover.

You only need to bring some GPS tracking devices with you so that your lover can pinpoint your location. And if she still doubted the location pinpointed by the GPS, she can make a video call to confirm it your surrounding with the location data. Doing this can save you from needless quarrels because of irrational doubts and jealousy so you can have a healthy, doubt-free relationship.

Technology is just making our life easier day by day, don’t you think. Just like this GPS Tracking methods, you can also use it to track where your employees go with your company car when they have external affairs to deal with. You can monitor wether they slack off during their assignment or not. It will be harder for them to slip off their job by applying GPS tracking to your company car.


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