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Titanium Rimless Frame Glasses

Recently, my current glasses doesn’t seem to be as effective as before. Maybe my myopia have gotten worse while optimizing this blog’s SEO and I need to replace my current glasses. Actually.. I still love my current frame since they were titanium frame that costs me $50 eight years ago, however, it’s model looked kinda old, since many of my friend looked good with rimless frame.

However most of my friend’s rimless frame glasses wasn’t made from titanium. And I can’t find any titanium rimless frame in any optics in my area. So I did a little search in the Internet, hoping to get my hands on the frame I wanted. Well it’s been 8 years, so I guess it would be natural if a titanium frame will cost me more than $50. However, what I found in my search was quite the contrary when I stumbled on some post about “Zenni Optical was on FOX news!“.

Their offer was pretty unbelievably affordable for me. While browsing on Zenni Optical’s collection I already got the feeling that I can have great eyeglasses for less in this online optics shop. They even sell a $8 fashionable glasses made from metal alloy, stainless steel and plastics. Those cheap glasses was really tempting, but what I look for was a titanium rimless frame, and I found the one I like with a price of $45,95. Wow.. It was cheaper than my previous glasses. This must be my lucky day.

Other than the $8 dollar glasses and titanium frame models, they also have many variable dimension frames from Zenni to choose. It’s not strange for them to give us an interesting price because they only sell their own manufactured frames (frames with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens).

I also glad with the fact that Zenni on Fox since many people would be informed with their great glasses offer.


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  1. @Izandi
    Yeah.. their models was quite good afterall.

    Sorry.. My Bad 🙂

    You can use Google Translate since it now support Indonesian 🙂

    Well.. you could say that again 🙂

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