Missed your favorite FootBall Match? Watch it on PartOfTheGame.tv

If you’re a football sports fan, you’re gonna love this football web tv site as I am. I’m not a living football dictionary yet, but I do learn a lot about football from Carlsberg web tv since they broadcasts almost anything about football.

We could expect to see anything about football like classic football matches and even a football fan’s life. But what I love from Partofthegame.tv is their Football Magic channel, thanks to them I can watch any football rituals or funny happenings video clips that I may have missed before 🙂

But that’s not all, if you feel like you have some cool and interesting football videos that other football fans shouldn’t miss, you can upload it to their site and share it, even if those videos are coming from youtube. So.. why don’t you just go and visit this interesting football web tv sites? Here’s the link www.partofthegame.tv Enjoy it 😉


7 Replies to “Missed your favorite FootBall Match? Watch it on PartOfTheGame.tv”

  1. nih ads kayaknya emang lagi wara wiri di banyak blog yah.. hehe jangan2 semua member bloggerwave dapat job ini semua neh,, hehe btw blog ini mulai dijadiin lahan pait ripiu juga ya pung.. hehe 😛

  2. @ika
    Iya.. bener-bener lagi nerapin buzz marketing kayanya. Soalnya mereka mentingin traffic, bukan PageRank 🙂

    Iya mbak.. barusan blog ini minta upgrade bandwith.. jadi sayang kalo ga dibuat menghasilkan hehehe 😀

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